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Functional yoga for everyday life


Hatha yoga is the original, individualized, gentle yoga that is neither beginner, intermediate, nor advanced. It is the traditional style of yoga that focuses on developing balance or union between your inner and outer worlds.


       Yoga is an ancient mental and physical discipline, not a religion.  It started as an oral tradition, passing from teacher to student. No one can pinpoint when the practice began but it is known to predate written history. Stone carvings of figures in yoga postures have been found at archaeological sites dating back 5,000 years.

The Benefits of Yoga

       There have been a considerable number of studies over the years on the benefits of yoga. Many in the healthcare profession today frequently recommend yoga to their patients for its positive affects on the whole person.

          It has been proven that a regular practice has an overall calming affect, by reducing stress and anxiety. Yoga helps with mental focus, keeping the practitioner in the moment. It helps lower blood pressure, relieves aches and pains and keeps the body flexible and resilient.

          Weight-bearing and repetitive poses can increase bone density, strengthen muscles, and keep tendons, ligaments and joints working smoothly. Yoga provides a deep massage to internal organs and works the endocrine glands.

          Yoga can be practiced by those recovering from injuries or with physical limitations and is beneficial to athletes. Each pose has many variations that can be customized to meet the needs of the practitioner.

          Yoga helps prevent injury by teaching you to slow down, pay attention to the task at hand, and move correctly and efficiently while accomplishing it.


Yoga Unfettered ®

      Yoga Unfettered ® is a traveling, Hatha yoga-based program developed and taught by its founder, Helen Yetman-Bellows.  Yoga Unfettered ® classes focus on meeting student's individual needs, and on "taking yoga off the mat," with postures and poses that can be done anywhere, anytime, incorporating yogic poses into everyday activities. Body, mind, and spirit work together.  Yoga Unfettered ® leaves students content, not spent.


Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.

                                                                                       - Ralph Waldo Emerson -

Hatha Yoga is not about changing the world,

but changing your inner reaction to the world. 

- Helen Yetman-Bellows